Top OST File Corruption Reasons

OST file corruption is always a nuisance for a business and its employees. Keep in mind that there is always the possibility of data files stored in your MS Outlook account being damaged or deleted.

The common scenarios of file corruption include mailbox items that can’t be found, persistent issues when using Outlook, and errors when you try to sync OST with Exchange.

You must be aware of the reasons why this keeps happening to your emails. When you are aware of the problem, then the solutions will present itself.

Folder or File Deletion

Microsoft Outlook allows more than just sending emails to one another. It also allows people to store, manage, and access various files and documents. One of the most common reasons for OST corruptions is the sudden deletion of folders or files.

Once that particular file or folder holding a bunch of files is deleted, then those files, despite being circulated would be corrupted. The sender and recipients won’t be able to open and download these files.

PostImage Top OST File Corruption Reasons Abrupt Network Interruption - Top OST File Corruption Reasons

Abrupt Network Interruption

Let’s say you are in the process of syncing files. Then all of a sudden, a connected network device malfunctions or out of nowhere shuts down.

This is something you can’t easily avoid given that it is a hardware issue. There is then the possibility of the files being corrupted. So, always keep in mind to monitor and assess potential hardware issues with the devices you use.

The same can be said for a sudden power failure.

Large-Sized Files

Large-sized files uploaded are to be managed and checked regularly. There is a strong possibility that when these OST files are not managed for the long term, they can be corrupted. It is also important that you keep a back-up of these files.

Other reasons

There are more causes including virus intrusion, data storage device failure, internal issues, incompatible Outlook plugins, and more.

If you experienced this issue in the past and was not able to remedy it, then you should consider using OST recovery software. There are a number of software you can choose from.