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OST Recovery Software was founded by Christina G. McShan as an informative website about the top OST (Offline Storage Table) email software and features. McShan was working for a construction company based in the England village of Holdgate.

One of the biggest issues the company struggled with multiple times was the organization and storage of emails from suppliers and clients. The company was practising traditional record storage. Several documents including order forms and accomplishment reports were lost.

So, McShan came up with the idea to integrate Microsoft Outlook into the company as well as OST Recovery Software. McShan studied everything she can with Microsoft Outlook and its server.

Founding of ORS

After McShan’s efficient business plans and proper use of business intelligence, she was being headhunted as an operations manager for several businesses in the village. McShan turned all offers down and started her own firm instead back in 2014.

ORS was founded initially as a newsletter website that promotes the use of different OST Recovery Software.

McShan relied mostly on email campaigns being sent out to business owners and professionals all over the county of Shropshire.

Growth of ORS

In 2015, ORS had conducted more than 30 seminars across the county as well as other cities in England. Several businesses approached McShan and her team to learn more about OST Recovery Software.

We have also partnered with several providers and developers. We offer their software to potential clients as well as educate said clients about the benefits of this software. ORS and McShan have been featured in several publications, online and print.

ORS today is active throughout England and we have software of our own. We are now focusing on the integration of OST Recovery Software for all businesses throughout Europe. We want to help start-ups and small businesses leverage this software.

If you want to learn more about different OST Recovery Software, contact us today and we will connect with you as soon as possible. If you want to start learning now, then visit our blog and read our many releases dissecting important factors of email security and recovery software.